Wednesday, 25 April 2012


There was an Amish school trip in the Sears Tower.

The high-rise prison:

Oak Park is the neighbourhood where all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses are found, and where groups of tourists peer in through people's windows "to see the architecture"

It's only looking back at these that I realise how weird Chicago was.

Flew straight from Chicago to Belgium for the RAF SIMONS sample sale.

PS. If you're going to Chicago, the Peninsula Hotel is pretty nice.


  1. can you recommend it in the overall sum? I love the look and architecture but does our taste for art and shopping gets satisfied?

  2. Chicago looks so bare and brutalist, but then when i saw a photo with Lego I was so confused.. It looks fantastic.

  3. God America is so depressing, why my parents love it so much I'll never understand. I can barely stand to look at some of these photos.

    Huh, didn't know you went to the archive sale too, maybe we stood next to each other in the queue. At least we're different sizes so you weren't my competition.

  4. i guess i'm the opposite to Duck on this one, i think it's amazing. i've only even flown to the airport so i can't comment for a real life experience. i love america and if i ever got the chance to move their i'd be there in a shot

  5. @Mat haha to each his own! I find the wide open spaces and "modern" architecture really gets me down. Then there's the food, the lack of quality cheese, the portion sizes and the fact that every second person is the size of a house. And the incessant smiling... Of course the weather in some parts probably makes up for it. And the university funding.

  6. all i can say is I hate you. chicago is no.2 on my list, nice photos.

  7. im ur new follower!
    i actually been following ur blog for quite some time, im a student from csm so im also in london. i like ur sense of style and taste, and that u've transcended the norms of fashion lovers. if that makes any sense... lol

    love ur photos! u make a great model btw lol

    xx nathan.niche

    ps. will u ever disclose which label u work for?

  8. love your blog
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  9. Awesome series! Quite a lot to take in but love it all.

  10. Cher Monsieur,
    Alors que je cherchais à me distraire dans une longue et ennuyeuse après midi de week end, je tombe par hasard, sur votre blog
    inutile de dire que le simple fait que j'y laisse un commentaire montre ma profonde admiration pour votre travail,

    si vous m'y autorisé j'y reviendrai..

    et en français, cela va de soit...

  11. Big city - but unmistakably the mid-west. America IS, indeed, so depressing. Or maybe I'm just depressed.

    x Peter @