Thursday, 22 March 2012


Protect me from what I want (Times Square, 1982) by Jenny Holzer.

This post is a list of things which I would buy immediately if I won the lottery / found a sugar-daddy / had a credit card (heaven forbid the latter should ever come to pass, or I would be bankrupt and in the workhouse faster than you can say "two blacked-out Rolex's and an Yves Saint Laurent holdall, please").

As it happens, I probably won't buy any of the things here (my "consumer confidence" is at an all time low, what with the criminal amount I have to spend at the doctor and dermatologist each month, and the impending doom of having to change the prescription lenses in four pairs of glasses), BUT I WISH I COULD HAVE EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW.

Above: RAF SIMONS X T-shirt (as we now know, inspired by Raf's love of The XX), thick-collar T-shirt, sleeveless T-shirt & short-sleeve shirt (bit of colour there - CHILL OUT, OK).

Below: NEW BALANCE 420, 575, and 373. ALL SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE FOREVER IN ALL NORMAL SIZES FOR ETERNITY. Which is a shame, because they are exactly what I want to wear on my feet at the moment. I have had it with impossibly uncomfortable Prada creepers / derbies.

RICK OWENS leather jacket. It's all about matte leather. Shiny leather jackets always have something of the small-time Bulgarian gangster about them.

Right, LANVIN time. Alber and Lucas are coming out with some seriously good stuff at the moment, all of which is imminently buy-able. It's one of the few designer brands consistently doing black things well, and we all know how I feel about clothes and accessories which aren't black..

LANVIN double-breasted jacket.

LANVIN leather bomber jacket.

Suede and patent leather sneakers. I have a pair of these from the season when Lanvin first did them (FW06, or perhaps SS07), and they have been repeated every season since then. I know they're pretty ubiquitous now, but there is something very visually pleasing about them. The pair I have is brown, so I think it's time to invest in black.

LANVIN creepers. Show me a platform sole (extra height = closer to god) and I'll overlook a slightly off shaped toe..

LANVIN tote bag. Obsessed with Lanvin bags since I bought my first tote/shopper last year.

LANVIN leather bag. This is actually called a "sartorial document holder," but I think I could put it to work better as a chic way to cart around all my pharmaceuticals.

LANVIN messenger bag. This might be too colourful for me, but I love the design.

LANVIN SS11 sandals. Still want these... and they have just popped up on Yoox, and I do love finding my inner German backpacker...

BURBERRY corduroy Isaac shirt. Hello Isaac.

KOLOR raw-edge T-shirt. I think I have lost enough weight doing my no carbs, no dairy, no food diet to pull off a raw seam without looking like a BIG FAT FRAYING FRUMP, and I just love a T-shirt in a thick material..

LUMINOX watches. Not as preferable as a customised, all-black Rolex, but with the entry price of those at £10,000, these are more immediately affordable. And they're tough and manly and shit, because US Navy SEALs wear them.

BALMAIN silk vest. Well this is a first, something from Balmain Homme which isn't utter ..... Nice little layering piece, this one:

LOEWE leather wallet. I really want this for the tassel... Loewe does the best, slightly modernist leather tassels. I think I would take it off the wallet and attach it to my keys. And, I mean leather pouches are always useful by themselves (for hiding all the things you don't want people to see when your bag inevitably falls open spilling its contents all over a packed train carriage), so it's a win-win situation really.
MISSONI HOME beach towels for the sunny, exotic holiday I am not going on this year. I already have the matching bathrobe #trufact.

BALENCIAGA black and grey glasses. I haven't indulged my fetish for thick-rimmed eyewear for quite a while... might be time for another fix:

PORTER leather bag. Can't go wrong with a bit of Porter by Yoshida.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA metal and plastic chain. Generally hate men's jewellery, but a few Margiela pieces this season are prompting me to have a slight re-think..

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA ring & ring & ring. I think one of these worn with an all black / dark grey super-minimal outfit would be quite effective..

BURY ME, I AM DEAD, etc., the YSL bags are too good this season:

Vavin duffle bag.

Hamptons travel bag.

Chyc holdall.

More posts soon & thank you for reading.


  1. I love the sincerity of this post. And good taste too :-)

  2. I thought you said you didn't wear your Prada shoes.

  3. I find my Prada creepers really quite comfortable and I enjoy the added height, but never, ever attempt to dance in them. Blisters all over.

  4. if what you said about the Prada creepers is true, I am glad I didn't invest in them as new school shoes and be obliged to wear them every day! I adore the Lanvin messenger bag though the tourist sandals are an ABSOLUTE no-no, even if they are Lanvin. Also love the first YSL bag. I can never seem to find anything remotely buyable on Yoox :-(

  5. I ordered that first Margiela ring. So beautiful but unfortunately when I received it it was GIGANTIC, despite it being apparently the same size as another of their rings I have which fits quite snugly. Hmph

  6. about time your made another post

  7. That YSL bag is totally boss.

  8. i hate that ysl bag with the big YSL logo! it looks cheap! same with the porter bag! it looks like something from north-face

  9. can't wait to see you wearing this sleeveless t-shirt from raf

    kisses hottie
    anon admirer

  10. Speaking of platform soles *Drools*

  11. Ah man, those New Balances.

  12. what about the NW 420 with the white "N" could get white laces? very comfy

  13. not sure what size you are in sneakers but here are a couple links for the New Balance sneakers
    not all black but maybe youll like these

  14. Haha, I love the way you write.


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  16. I love the Lanvin double breasted jacket. Really unusual but still elegant and masculine.

    I'm following you on twitter

  17. The Prada SS2011 Creepers from the runway or commercial piece are much more comfortable than the FW2011 Creepers. This is because of the back sole of the FW2011 which has a cut out, and also the FW2011 creepers are thinner in width compared to both SS2011 runway and commercial piece.

    From my experience, as a fanatic of the Prada Creepers with several collections of SS and FW. My conclusion is, the thicker the sole gets, the less comfortable it will be. And since the FW is both taller and thinner and with that cut out at the rear sole, it just makes everything worst.

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  18. Ndumiso Dlamini5 May 2012 01:32

    That YSL Vavin bag is too offing awesome...

    (I know what u mean about changing the lenses on the different frames, REAL financial pain)

  19. I love this look, effortlessly edgy and very comfortable! The jacket is awesome!
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