Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I bought these Prada shoes (from the resort 2012 collection) a few weeks ago. Had the red tags taken off by Classic Shoes.

The line up

This winter's coat:


  1. Love your style of writing it's very honest! I'm in love with platform brogues! i found some less pricey-er options from Kurt Geiger.


  2. Made in Vietnam? I would have totally sent them back and ranted at the sales people.
    I would not put up with it.

    However, perhaps certain pairs were made in Vietnam and other's made in Italy?
    You probably got the bad batch, because I have seen these at Saks Fifth Avenue and they said they were made in Italy.

    1. All of Prada's Sport line shoes are now made in Vietnam. You will also note a good quantity of their clothing is no longer made in Italy. Look at their leather goods (bags, wallets, etc) and try and find a "Made in Italy" label. Nope. It is unfortunately a sign of the times of the BIG fashion houses. I have a lot of Prada shoes, both mainline and sport, and the sport range (made in Vietnam) still last very well but I agree that the finish is not quite there. They have gotten better though.

  3. BTW How do you not get creases in your shoes? Have you not worn all your recent purchases at all?
    After I wore mine just once, I got a crease on each one, it's unavoidable!
    I can't imagine buying them and not wearing them at all though, what's the point?

  4. bit of a hefty post we have on our hands! i'm not mega on this style but you seem happy and that is the deal. How come prada make some weird design decisions then, like the long red tabs, poor looking boxes ect? is it just to please the people who buy into the brand for street cred and not the main collection stuff? like the baseball caps and t shirts?

    really like the jacket, i think that was a cracking choice. surprisingly goes with your style, the black helps. i like their logo too.

  5. I bought a pair of the infamous glittery Miu Miu sneakers and they too bear the mark 'Made in Vietnam'. Within the first few wears, the sole came away from the shoe. I'm not sure if that is down to poor workmanship or just that glue doesn't bond to glitter very well...

  6. @Hapsical That was me last year, but I finally realized I should start wearing Lanvin, Raf & Prada in public because it's totally pointless otherwise.

    I was in London over the Holidays and wore several pairs of the platform brogues. But it's not like New York where everyone dresses up every day. I was a bit disappointed. I expected to at least see some people wear runway pieces. Wore my studded Prada's too and took them off a few hours later.

  7. canada goose? noooooooooo. lol. its true, here in toronto, there are as much canada goose parkas as there are uggs. even soccer moms rock them with their mukluks and murakami speedy bags. actually the other day 3 teenage girls came into my store all wearing one, but in three different colours! it wasn't cute. and they wore theirs with uggs.

  8. ya but the canada goose jackets (i'm from vancouver) are still expensive, unless that's not what you meant by your "aslkdfj penny" expression.

    i think you're over analyzing and over valuing where it's made in. although the stigma of something made in the east tends to be poor, it doesn't necessarily mean it is. i'm pretty sure you already know this, and have probably read the article where miuccia had talks about having things made in places other than italy.

    regardless, the espadrille ones and the grey/black soled ones are my favourite! not a fan of the other two. also it's a huge pity you don't wear your shoes.. i think we're the same size, so feel free to have them for sale whenever you're tired of them (like you did the spiked ones?)! ANYWAY! i hope you purchase a pair of the new prada shoes from the 2012 winter collection! time to get my $20 rubber shoe cover now that they're in style!

  9. You might be interested to read this article "Prada is making fashion in China" on the Wall Street Journal:

  10. Oh I like the look of the Ann Demeulemeester’s better. They be some nice footwear. The new Prada bag sticker is a nice touch indeed.


  11. I prefer woolrich than canada goose! I think their parkas are way more classier :p
    but Im in love with the prada creppers! love em so <3

    good post btw


  12. love the prada shoes!! great choice!
    I recently started a mens fashion blog and would love for you to take a look at it. maybe you could tell me what you like or don’t like about it so I can make improvements! if you like it and follow it that would be amazing!

  13. oh god canada goose is so ubiquitous in canada;
    in montreal it's part of the uniform where you have a choice of hunter or sorrel footwear and the bag is always longchamp
    ...it's strange to see someone whose style i respect talking about them so favourably-

  14. I am happy that I am not the only one checking the "MADE IN X" label:). I always find it disappointing to discover designer brands producing in countries such as China, where I dont want to know about the labour conditions...

  15. big fan of your prada creeper collection. what's the sizing like with these? i heard they run large...

  16. It really annoys me that Prada diffusion pieces are sooo tacky compared to the runway collections. That stupid red tag is the reason I haven't bought probably 10 different pairs of Prada shoes over the years. But then, I never thought of having it removed...

  17. ^if having the red tag (that's BARELY even showing) removed makes you feel like less of a brand whore. really don't need to try pulling this I JUST LIKE THE DESIGN OK. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT BEING EXPENSIVE AND BRAND NAME AT ALL.

  18. Great choice in the Goose, looks fantastic with those Pradas. Canada Goose is a quality jacket but in Calgary, where I'm from, a majority of people wear Goose as a social status symbol these days. It's starting to lose its charm where back in the day they did only cost two a penny. But regardless its still a fantastic jacket, I practically live in mine.

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