Saturday, 30 July 2011


All a bit odd given that I rarely wear fragrances (I think the ideal thing to smell of is nothing), but nonetheless these are my favourites...


  1. love the prada fragance!

    a greeting, jontine fuentes.

  2. It's lovely too see that you have such a beautiful collection of tasteful scents. I have sampled pretty much all of them myself and find the original dior homme to be so extraordinarily beautiful I consider it my signature scent out of 35 in my collection.

    Now, since you seem to like smelling subversively of church I must suggest you to try CdGs avignon from their incense series. It smells remarkably realistic like a catholic church. Also, monocle magazine made an amazing one called Hinoki, which is beautiful in a way that it doesn't really smell like a perfume. Just wet, exquisite woods with a bitter intriguing character to it.

  3. Bois D'Argent by Christian Dio r - i want it back so badly!!! but for the meantime the Blu Mediterraneo Aqua di Sicilia is perfect

  4. Diptyque Philosykos my favorite!

  5. it's funny how we have the exact same approach when it comes to colognes. I have the same ones, too! if you really like the Gucci cologne and it's discontinued in your area, you should try CDG MAN 2 (the brown bottle), it's got the same smell just a bit stronger when you first put it in. You should deff check it out!
    Greetings from Boston!