Sunday, 19 June 2011


Old things I want.

Above, Raf Simons spring/summer 2003 bomber jacket. Below, Raf Simons spring/summer 2006 bomber, with amazing hood:

Raf Simons SS02 sweater:

Raf Simons SS08 sandals:

Raf Simons SS03 blazer:

Raf Simons SS07 vest:

Raf Simons FW08 shoes:

Raf Simons FW02 latex 'over T-shirt':

Margiela Artisinal FW06 ski-glove jacket:

Rick Owens two-tone leather jacket:

Undercover FW10 shoes:

Jil Sandder FW08 marble print shirt:

Walter Van Beirendonck face bag from 1998:

Miu Miu cyborg gloves:

Prada x Rem Koolhaas print T-shirts from 2007:

Prada's grippingly ugly spring/summer 2007 shoes:

Prada FW07 mohair:

Prada FW07 'gradient' shoes:

And so the eBay and Yahoo Auctions Japan searches continue.


  1. About Raf Simons ss'08 sandals I can advice you to try to connect with Day Night boutique outlet in St. Petersburg Russia, because I saw them 3 months ago for sale.
    P.S. Lucky me I have Mohair prada sweater in deep blue and beige, but I'm trying to find a contrast mohair hat from same collection...I can't fins it anywhere.

  2. if anyone can hunt some of these down it's you.

  3. Email me when Iyou find thoes KoolhaasxPrada shirts!!!

  4. Great picks!

  5. I believe the Undercover shoes are from FW08.

    Anyway, I found them on this webshop, among some similar loafers from SS08.

  6. You're welcome. I know you know Raf, my fellow Raf aficionado. ;)

  7. hey. the rick two-tone leather is listed in a couple of the classifieds on stylezeitgeist. good luck! /c

  8. if you're still looking for it, i could sell you the virginia creeper t-shirt (it has, though, seen better days - i bought it off y!aj and while i never used it myself, it is clearly in a used state). contact me on neon.generation(at)gmail if interested (: