Monday, 15 February 2010

The Towering Genius of Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow in the early days (image from The Telegraph).

McQueen and Isabella Blow pose for Vanity Fair (image from Vanity Fair).

Alexander McQueen for Givenchy:

(all images in this section from WWD)

Givenchy spring/summer 1997 haute couture.

Givenchy SS97 ready-to-wear (left) and FW97 (right).

Givenchy spring/summer 1998 ready-to-wear.

Naomi Campbell (left) in Givenchy by Alexander McQueen (note sure of date) and (right) Givenchy FW98 haute couture.

The ephemeral beauty of McQueen’s fall/winter 2000 Givenchy haute couture.

Alexander McQueen for his own brand:

(image credits at the end of the post, unless specified individually)

Extraordinary techniques for spring/summer 1994.

fall/winter 1994.

fall/winter 1995

fall/winter 1996.

for spring/summer 1997, the models walked on water:

 fall/winter 1997.

spring/summer 1998 collection

Second image from The Guardian.

fall/winter 1998

spring/summer 1999

fall/winter 1999

spring/summer 2000 collection.

 fall/winter 2000 collection.

spring/summer 2001

There is some footage here:

fall/winter 2001

Image from WWD.

spring/summer 2002 collection.

fall/winter 2002

spring/summer 2003

Top image from BBC, second two from WWD.

fall/winter 2003

spring/summer 2004.

fall/winter 2004

Second image from WWD.

 spring/summer 2005

 spring/summer 2006 show.
spring/summer 2007

spring/summer 2008

 fall/winter 2008.

Top image from WWD.

spring/summer 2009

Top two images from WWD.

spring/summer 2010


(all images in this section from

spring/summer 2005.

spring/summer 2006

fall/winter 2006

spring/summer 2007

 fall/winter 2007

spring/summer 2008

fall/winter 2008

spring/summer 2009

 fall/winter 2009

spring/summer 2010