Monday, 15 February 2010

The Towering Genius of Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow in the early days (image from The Telegraph).

McQueen and Isabella Blow pose for Vanity Fair (image from Vanity Fair).

Alexander McQueen for Givenchy:

(all images in this section from WWD)

Givenchy spring/summer 1997 haute couture.

Givenchy SS97 ready-to-wear (left) and FW97 (right).

Givenchy spring/summer 1998 ready-to-wear.

Naomi Campbell (left) in Givenchy by Alexander McQueen (note sure of date) and (right) Givenchy FW98 haute couture.

The ephemeral beauty of McQueen’s fall/winter 2000 Givenchy haute couture.

Alexander McQueen for his own brand:

(image credits at the end of the post, unless specified individually)

Extraordinary techniques for spring/summer 1994.

fall/winter 1994.

fall/winter 1995

fall/winter 1996.

for spring/summer 1997, the models walked on water:

 fall/winter 1997.

spring/summer 1998 collection

Second image from The Guardian.

fall/winter 1998

spring/summer 1999

fall/winter 1999

spring/summer 2000 collection.

 fall/winter 2000 collection.

spring/summer 2001

There is some footage here:

fall/winter 2001

Image from WWD.

spring/summer 2002 collection.

fall/winter 2002

spring/summer 2003

Top image from BBC, second two from WWD.

fall/winter 2003

spring/summer 2004.

fall/winter 2004

Second image from WWD.

 spring/summer 2005

 spring/summer 2006 show.
spring/summer 2007

spring/summer 2008

 fall/winter 2008.

Top image from WWD.

spring/summer 2009

Top two images from WWD.

spring/summer 2010


(all images in this section from

spring/summer 2005.

spring/summer 2006

fall/winter 2006

spring/summer 2007

 fall/winter 2007

spring/summer 2008

fall/winter 2008

spring/summer 2009

 fall/winter 2009

spring/summer 2010


  1. amazing post. his passion and sincerity is what made me realize that fashion can be so much more than just what we put on our body. i'm gutted about his death and i wish they pay him a proper tribute when paris and london fashion week rolls around.

  2. This is an amazing yet heartbreaking retrospective. Thank you for finding and sharing these images.

    I hadn't seen many of McQueen's earlier collections - and now that I have I realise how much more has been lost.

  3. wow WOW WOW, incredible post, his amazing ideas and extraordinary execution is totally timeless. My friend said a statement which I agree most, "A good idea is being timeless". Its really a tragic that this incredible creative person passed away but his ideas still living in this contemporary fashion world that can inspire us to go even more further than fashion. RIP Lee...

  4. this is so fabulous information...that i'm lpoving Lee so much....Thank you for sharing this.

  5. thank you for posting this, such a prolific body of work. there is obviously so much we don't know or wasn't aware of. breathtakingly inspiring.

  6. You did a great job! Love this post!!!

    And Mr. Mcqueen is a visionary genius!!!

  7. Stellar Post!

    Was great having all those videos in one place, and running through an abbreviated history of McQueen.

    The wind tunnel images are breathtaking beyond belief!

    The Fake Sartorialist Blog

  8. Beautiful post. I don't think there'll ever be another quite like him.

  9. This post gave me the shivers. What a beautiful retrospective! Really captures the genuius that is McQueen. He won't be forgotten!

  10. that image from vanity fair kills me. gotta love blow and mcqueen as a pair. thank you so much for such a detailed synopsis of his career, haven't found such good documentation elsewhere.

  11. Really appreciate for this wonderful post!

  12. This post is amazing, I had never seen most of these collections before. Thanks for the enlightenement.

  13. I think that your post really summarised his work in a respectful and informative way. I never really understood the extent to which he contributed in fashion, I really think that ingenuity on his level will perhaps ever occur again. His shows really are art installations. My favourite show was F/W 08/09. As i was watching it, it actually brought me to tears, I think it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
    The world has lost a true visionary..

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  15. Fantastic to read a comprehensive McQueen retrospective....rather than just another bland R.I.P McQueen blog post.

    Truly nice work!

  16. I have photos from all givenchy collections by mcqueen here

    and if you looking for something alse maybe i can help you

  17. Wonderful post, thank you so much. The best I've seen about MCQ since his death. Congratulations for your passion and generosity sharing all with us.
    (Just a little-little thing: the prét-a-porter collection of Givenchy 97 -the girl with the rafia hat- is by Galliano. Not a genius like McQueen, but a wonderful person too)

  18. I share your sentiment that we were both young in fashion.. and yet how much we missed.. an incredible research and blog.. tfs!

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  20. wow! that's really an amazing post! thank you - you honor him the way he disurves to be remembered!!

    Btw - been looking everywhere for photos of his earlier collections (before 2001) - you mind sharing where you found them?? Thanks anyway!

    I'm from now on a huge fan of your blog - I'll be reading it every day;)

    Hope I'll get an answer!!!

  21. Youve got it wrong...he applied to be a tutor not to apply for a lesser course, and thats how they saw his portfolio and told him to go for the MA.

  22. This is one of the best McQueen tributes I've seen. Thank you.

  23. I don't know so much about Alexander McQueen and I have sen only some of his works, but I can say he was amazingly talented indeed and it would be very difficult to find another person like him!

  24. The picture of Naomi Campbell with the ram horn head piece is from McQueen's first collection at Givenchy (Spring Haute Couture 1997). It got a really bad reception but retrospectively I think that there is something very beautiful about it.
    I really like your blog by the way.

  25. I am a huge McQueen fan and this was the best article I have ever seen done on him

  26. Excelent Post !!! Great retrospective for a man who gave the most beautiful nightmares and the most dramatic dreams, Love It. Greetings from México City !!!!

  27. It is so amazing to look back at all his work and the 'influence' it has had on so many designers (*ahem Burberry AW11 rain* etc.), but also so easy to understand the enormous pressure upon his shoulders to put out another breathtaking collection. The menswear never did it for me, it is all about the womenswear collections which I found so amazing, in fact I too was on the verge of tears at watching the SS10 show. It is a shame none of the videos seem to be working on my computer, I would love to relive some of those moments! Just looking at some of these pictures makes me realise why I was so tempted to spend £45 on the McQueen and I documentary DVD! Your posts are always so in-depth and astounding, I am always searching on google images before realising that an intriguing photograph has led me back here again!

  28. Haha so typical that all the videos have now just loaded!

  29. beautiful! amazing read and really gorgeous images - nice focus with your writing too. thank you for sharing! xo

  30. really beautifully written, I would like to ask, just from pure curiosity, I have seen recently document "McQueen and I" and I really loved it, and off topic, there is one song, which is at the beginning and also at the end, do anyone have a clue what is the name of the song? it had gone deeply inside my mind, and I cannot get rid of it...I would appreciate it so much, thanks ;)