Friday, 19 February 2010

Style Snippets: Chanel Sport, Anna Dello Russo and more

1) Chanel Sport

From American football to rollerblading, from skiing to surfing, Chanel has got all your sporting needs covered – covered, in some cases, in black quilted leather.

I know they produce these things (I’ve seen the surf board and the fishing set at a sportswear exhibition at the V&A), but I wonder if you can buy them? If you were to go into a Chanel boutique and ask for the surfboard I wonder what would happen? Would they give you the mother of all dirty looks, followed by a French shrug, or would they vanish into the storeroom and return with it (and then demonstrate its use?) Think I might have to try asking…

2) Why I Love Prada

There are lots of reasons why I love Prada, but to single out just one: recently a clip fastening fell off one of my much used Prada bags and got lost. Even though the bag is at least 3 years old and has been used heavily almost daily, I took it back to the shop, where they immediately said it could be sent back to Italy for repairs (free of charge, I think). They offered to give me a paper store bag to put all my stuff in, and then they could send it off straight away, and it would be back in 4-6 weeks. It is amazing they offer this service, but I wasn’t convinced because a) the thought of emptying all the rubbish (old receipts, broken pens, tissues…) out of my bag onto the shiny glass Prada counter, under the watchful gaze of the staff, was absolutely mortifying and b) it didn’t actually need repairing, all it needed was a replacement clip, so instead they told me to write down my phone number for them (on a Prada embossed card!) and they’d see if they could order the clip. I never thought I’d hear back, but on the next working day I had a call to say the clip was already waiting for me in the shop.

This was doubly good because I used it, along with a dermatologist appointment, to justify a sneaky day trip back to London: honestly I can’t tell you how happy being in London makes me, especially when it’s sunny and (joy of joys) the first very tentative signs of spring weather are starting to show. I annoyed someone the other day by telling them that I consider myself not to be British or English, but rather to be a Londoner. There is, I maintain, a difference. Anyway, in the Prada shop the clip was indeed waiting for me (in a plastic wallet, along with another Prada card that said ‘with compliments’) and they fixed it on for me, and I didn’t have to pay anything. That is just such fantastic service, well done Prada. It is things like that which really justify the prices in my mind (along with the amazing durability of the bag anyway). When I was in there I looked at some of the women’s SS10… it looks really good in person, I love the indoor-beach print pieces with the slightly subversive cut-outs, and those transparent shoes with the tacky plastic gems attached are great too.

They have a video campaign for women’s SS10, which is cool… I love the hair + transparent frame sunglasses + tomato red lips:

And who knew Prada had a YouTube channel?!

3) Fashion for Relief Haiti pays tribute to Alexander McQueen

Image Credits: PA.

Naomi Campbell has organised two Fashion for Relief shows to raise money for Haiti this season, one at the start of New York Fashion Week and one which was just yesterday, marking the start of London Fashion Week. Good on Naomi for organising something for charity and bonus points for using lots of McQueen, in which all of the models looked totally fantastic. Love Naomi, she’s probably my favourite model… and what a killer figure she still has!

I was also pleased to hear that PPR, the majority shareholders of Alexander McQueen’s label, have decided to keep the brand going, and will show the FW10 collection, which McQueen had been working before his death, as planned in Paris next month. Lots of people online have been throwing about names of potential successors as creative director, but I imagine what will happen is that for a while they’ll continue with his creative team at the helm (hopefully avoiding the fate of Maison Martin Margiela, which has taken a similar approach since the man himself left, and has managed to get dull in the process), and then when it seems less insensitive to do so they can find a new creative director. At least, I hope they’ll do something like that. And please don’t let it be Gareth Pugh, as much as I admire what he does under his own name.

4) Anna Dello Russo on Boyfriends and How to Pack

Anna Dello Russo is officially OUT OF CONTROL! Love, love her. First she tells New York Magazine this week that she has a boyfriend but he can’t live with her since “there is no space because of the clothes,” and also reveals that her second apartment (the one just for storing clothes) has to be kept at 15C all year round because that’s the optimum temperature for storing high fashion! (more here) Then New York Magazine posted a video of her explaining how to pack your bags, when you’re trying to pack up enough full runway looks for a week, probably allowing for at least three daily outfit changes in her case…

"Anna does not believe in outfit repeats"! (although the other Anna famously does, of course).

Almost as good as the video of her in the Paris Ritz (here).


  1. The Chanel Sport stuff is sheer tacky it suggests I'll drop the logo on anything to sell real lazy and not innovative! Sorry NOPE! :(

  2. Don't worry its not Gareth, Mandi's denying it!

  3. 1. i love that prada video too! There is another version which shows the printed ads after the video! you can check it on my blog at the sidebar!

    2. like naomis idea about the alex tribute! But was she a friend of him or something !?

    3. Anna Dello Russo is pretty cool! She do not believe in outfit repeats because the blogger want new pictures with new outfits ?!?! aha : D

  4. I have seen some of the chanel sports items before but not for skiing.

    By the way... I know this has nothing to do with this post but it's your lego designs - I was thinking because you are creative that you should sell your lego designs online =D and there's a perfect website for it. It's called and anyone can buy from you. It's good for fashion students/boutiques starting out. And plus with the profits you make, hey there's that Prada outfit you wanted.

  5. i want a chanel tootbrush & paste, i'm serious.

  6. I love her so dearly! Thanks for the dello Russo post. I couldnt help but blog about her too. She is such an inspirational woman.

    mademoiselle isabelle

  7. LOVE ANNA. Eat, sleep, breath her. Never would've expected her to wear abercrombie sweats when traveling (or admit it). With her budget a rick owens bomber and leggings would do the trick..

  8. Wow Pearl Lowe has great legs!