Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Prada Book

I bought myself the newly released Prada book recently, as a sort of self-given Christmas present. Well actually what happened is that I bought it for a friend, but then fell in love with it between bringing it home and gift wrapping it, so I had to go back to buy another for myself! It is a sizeable, heavy book, which covers every aspect of Prada, and it is one of the best coffee table/design books I have seen for a while. It comes in its own special box which is covered, as is the book itself, with the black finish which Prada use on their packaging these days.

I am absolutely obsessed with Prada, and have been for a while. Having moved on (sort of) from an early obsession with anything from their sport line (featuring a prominent red rubber tag!), I now appreciate the design and the incredibly good quality of everything, even when it doesn't appeal to my personal dress sense. Prada is a very interesting brand in other ways too (being by far the most creative and cutting edge of the mega brands), and this book covers all their activities from fashion (including collection and look book pictures, ad imagery, show venues, behind-the-scenes pictures..) to retail to Prada sponsored art projects to the Prada yacht racing team..

One of the pull-out spreads, a timeline of Prada:

The fan club section of the book includes photos celebrity fans, but there are also quotes about Prada from around the blogosphere, and descriptions used by people when re-selling Prada goods on eBay and other sites:

My bad, somewhat out of focus, photos, which only represent a tiny proportion of it, hardly do justice to this book, but I would really recommend it for both Prada obsessives and also for those with a general interest in fashion and design.

You can buy it from Prada stores and online at; Amazon have also just got it in stock today, for quite a bit cheaper than the Prada store/online price, which could be a good option if you're not a sucker like me who likes going to the shop (the time I went back to get the second book I was finally asked if I wanted to join their mailing list... all it took was buying 2 pairs of mainline shoes this season, and 2 books!!)


  1. Ah this book is so cool. I love the way Parda have used this book to show the outside world's view of Prada through the ebay comments and the blog trust Prada to do a design book but in their own quirky way

    The Louis Vutton Christmas tree very cool although I tend to dislike LV but I like how they incorporated their multicolour monogram

  2. This book looks incredible! I am thinking about getting it so its good to have a sneeky peek inside!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

  3. I think I too must buy this.

  4. looks like an interesting book..
    and why did our blogs not get a mention on the "fans" section!

  5. I love this book, I have one in the office and one at home. Enjoy your copy!

  6. wow wow wow! Damn what a cool book! i want it .. ;)

  7. omg, you're the luckiest person over the world!

  8. wow it took them that long to ask you? all i bought were a shirt and a tie and they asked. confront them! haha

    great purchase, i'm very jealous!

  9. I want this so bad I am so jealous!

  10. Oh my I wanted to get this book so badly at the NYC Soho store, but I was already running over budget :) Paged through it and it seemed great and full of content.
    Perhaps a paperback will come out at some point, I doubt it though.

  11. okay so this prada book might just have to go on my belated christmas list, bought by myself...for myself! a truely inspired collection!


    It costs £90 in Prada stores (in the UK), €100 on, but you can get it on Amazon now for about £40-50 GBP.