Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Season SS10 Arrivals

The Givenchy spring/summer 2010 'Op Art' wedges, now available for pre-order at Luisa via Roma.

I am so, so bored of the freezing weather we've been having in London recently. Sure, it's nothing compared to much of the Northern Hemisphere in winter, but we're not used to this sort of weather in London, we don't expect it, and crucially we struggle to cope with it: the slightest amount of snow or ice leads to transportation chaos (as a friend recently found, who got stuck on a Eurostar train for 16 HOURS because of the weather, which included spending the night in a broken down train, stuck in the tunnel under the sea, with no lighting or ventilation - ironically, this came right after my post praising the Eurostar's good service) and the pavements (sidewalks) haven't been gritted which means they're covered in a lethal thin layer of frozen snow which just will not melt. We live in a society where a packet of nuts has to be labelled with 'this contains nuts' to warn allergy suffers for health and safety reasons, yet it seems perfectly fine for our pavements to be left as death trap ice rinks for days on end (seriously, slip over backwards on the ice - as has now happened twice to me - but fail to catch yourself, smash your head on the concrete and that could be that).

With that off my chest, the point of this post is that I though we could derive a little summer cheer by looking at the first arrivals of the spring/summer 2010 collections which are now online at Luisa via Roma (oh how I now regret vowing to maintain my blog integrity, and not putting in sneaky little 'sponsored links' to cash in! The advantage, though, is that I don't have to sugar-coat everything and we can look at the worst of the new arrivals as well as the best).

Bearing that in mind, there's something we need to get out of the way before we can get into the spring spirit, namely Balmain SS10:

Balmain surprises every season, not with original or creative designs, but rather by pushing the boundary of what they think people will be prepared to pay for their pieces. I'm really hoping it's just a typing error on Luisa via Roma (although I suspect it is not), but the crocodile jacket on the left apparently costs a staggering £37,778 (!) Limiting ourselves merely to the scope of fashion, you could get an (entry level) Haute Couture outfit made for yourself for that amount. Would you agree that even the most basic, say, Chanel Haute Couture is about a billion times better than a hideously tacky croc jacket (of which Zara will do a very passable copy within about 10 minutes anyway)?

The leather mini-shorts are a relative snip at £1639, although you don't really get much for your money, and they possibly set some sort of record for highest cost per square inch for any item of clothing. I know it's considered very vulgar and gauche by fashion-y types to talk about prices, but I think you'll agree the ultimate crassness here comes from what Balmain are doing, and what they are charging.

Haider Ackermann's cool cuts. Love what he's doing.

Christopher Kane Resort 2010 print t-shirt dress and t-shirt (love them, and they have relatively accessible prices); these, along with the creepy doll face prints, are the new apes and crocodiles. In the middle is an amazing Christopher Kane SS10 dress.

Killer jackets and some rather cool high-tops for girls at Rick Owens.

Colourful, summery, and glamourous Matthew Williamson pieces, helping lift our spirits.

Pure elegance from Lanvin.

New season Louboutins... rather love Louboutin's cage boot.

D&G's sexy cowgirl hits the stores! (look, Luisa via Roma is an Italian retailer, I had to include a bit of Dolce... and you know my weakness for a bit of sexy, OTT action).

The horrific DSquared2 accessories. The shoes look like they are from simultaneously both a 90s techno rave store and a fetish outfitter, while the transparent backpack with hot pink straps (which seems to have come straight out of Barbie's wardrobe) is so wrong it's almost right...

Op Art, sequins and studs from Givenchy. Time to start DIY studding on that lacklustre leather jacket...

Mary Katrantzou's stunning dresses.

Ah, now this is the sort of summery vibe I was talking about. These print numbers from Roberto Cavalli may not be in the best of taste, but they'll be just perfect for wearing while sipping Cristal on the yacht in St Tropez this summer...!

We're happy to report that some of the extreme tulle action from Viktor & Rolf's SS10 collection seems to have made it off the runway and into reality (albeit in a diluted form)... the centre jacket is rather amazing too.

See all this and more (including men's arrivals, although I haven't included them because at this stage a lot of it is just a big old yawn fest) at


  1. Oh don't tell me London is having a particularly cold winter this year :( I'm heading up early March and do not appreciate snow and ice hahaha.

  2. Gorgeous post dear! Loving everything on here especially the Balmain and Matthew Williamson. Happy Holidays!!

  3. Somehow looking at vibrant prints feels so wrong when it's minus 16 outside, but SS10 is something to look forward to. Merry Christmas!

  4. i love the dsquared accessoires!

  5. OH MY GOD
    the dsquared accesories are SICK !!! I love them !

  6. The outfits are gorgeous and I definitely agree London is having some chilly weather. I was forced to sport my mother's ski-looking boots while going charity shopping........
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  7. A good friend once ordered Dior Homme pants and Van Assche sneaks from Luisa via Roma. They're supposedly cheaper as sale items but when the stuff got here to Manila via FedEx...oh wow, the prices were so much higher with tax. Well, you reminded me of it with that sensible bit on Balmain. ;)