Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London Fashion Week

Above: Tommy Ton (aka Jak & Jil)'s amazing Christian Louboutin studded shoes. Tommy was really nice about me being super-lame and wanting to have a Jak & Jil moment on his own shoes (he must have heard that one about a million times before..)

And here's a little conference of studs (his Loubs on the left, me on the right in studded Prada shoes):

Before we post London Fashion Week show summaries, we thought it would be fun to post some candid 'fashion paparazzi' pictures we took outside the Christopher Kane show on Monday, really just because we know how much we love looking at these sort of 'real' street photos on other sites.

About half of these were taken by me (i.e. the rubbish blurry ones) and the rest were taken by an amazing (and very stylish) friend, and she actually knew how to operate the camera which was a bonus (here's a hint for the uninitiated: remove the lens cover first!)

Legendary New York fashion critic Lynn Yaeger. Doesn't she look lovely? And she couldn't have been nicer about having her picture taken. I really wanted to say something about how much I admire her writing, but somehow words failed me because I was kind of in awe.

Susie Lau of Style Bubble and Lynn Yaeger.

Fashion Week gridlock of black cars and taxis.

Kate Lanphear, editor of American Elle, looking cool as ever.

A zoom on her Burberry Prorsum boots.

The International Herald Tribune's Suzy Menkes (one of the most respected fashion writers today) trying to get past the crowd of street style photographers.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue. Love that she arrived in a Volvo - she has this real low-key cool about her.

Yvan the Facehunter's cool shoes.

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova is absolutely stunning in person.

Here she is being interviewed by fellow supermodel and Vogue TV presenter Jade Parfitt.

She was wearing a fantastic Christopher Kane skirt.

Silver YSL cage boots, out of focus (I don't think Jak & Jil need worry about any competition here!)

Fashion consultant Yasmin Sewell (I think) wearing a beautiful Christopher Kane dress, holding the crocodile print tote that was given out at his show.

The crowd just after the show.

Diane Pernet (centre), of A Shaded View - always love her look.

Joan Collins being interviewed by Jade Parfitt. She looks amazing... such a class act. Kept thinking of Dynasty! She suddenly appeared from the back of a taxi, then we got caught in the middle of a bit of a photographer scrum.

Saw Anna Wintour in the flesh for the first time.. so exciting! Obviously we didn't dare take a picture without permission (and how would you feel about asking?!), so all we've got is this blurry shot of her in her Mercedes leaving the venue... you can make out her BlackBerry screen and knees!

Anna Wintour's car got driven in right through the gates and into a sealed-off area of the venue so she could enter in private, without having to walk past all the plebs on the street! The only other people who got this treatment were Sir Philip Green (billionaire owner of Topshop) and Donatella Versace (wish we could have got a photo of her!) and her daughter, who also attended.

Show summaries to follow.


  1. Thats me, I wanted to get a huge cut out Vinyl sticker on the car with my name, but I had to make due with a marker pen and board.
    Im frankly insulted that Anna Wintour got better treatment than I did.

  2. The shoes are dazzling with style. I just love London fashion week.

  3. very impressive, you shmoozing with some super coll people nowadays!

    i honestly just need to end my north life and move down south, nothing happens up hear. i am working on some internships and some magazines though so it could happen.

    i love mr. jak & jil's jersey trousers.

  4. Im Still In Love With the ysl cage heels !
    you can sort of see anna wintour through the black tainted window !

  5. love the post.... it was jammed pack with style.

  6. Oh I took a pic of Tommy's Loubs too, but the irony was totally lost on me before you mentioned it. Doh!

  7. every picture in this post is amazing!! and you dont know how much i love the rollerball louboutins ! Im dying to get them but the chances of me finding them here in Canada are slim to NONE =( could your friend possibly sell them hahaa


  8. I love Alexandra Shulman no nonsense attitude. So refreshing.

  9. i love these studded shoes : D

  10. What a great post, love all the photos!!

  11. i love all the photographs! the christopher kane dress and the YSL cage shoes are to die for. kate lanphear rocks. i adore her style so much!