Thursday, 30 July 2009

Obsession: Stella McCartney FW09 Disney Ad Campaign

Images from WWD.

How amazing are these? We love the slightly kitsch, almost 'pop art,' Jeff Koons-esque aesthetic Stella McCartney often uses for her shop windows, and now it seems for her advertising too. At this tricky moment for many luxury brands, we think these ads are just perfect: they manage to convey the sense of high fashion and exclusivity but in a very fun, inviting way (that doesn't force it at you and make you feel inadequate). They're not only cool from a design perspective, but they should also help customers make that all important 'connection' with the brand (more important than ever at the moment, as people really seek to justify their purchases), more than a heavily airbrushed, humourless model with a vacant expression could achieve.

Stella McCartney's shop windows have the same effect too. We love passing by her Bruton Street store because her windows often get us worked up into a childlike state of excitement and, looking at these pictures, can you blame us..?

Image from Disney Roller Girl's super blog.

Image from T.Rex + Me blog.

Even the Stella McCartney x Adidas windows in the Adidas shop were really fun:

Image from the talented Gary Card's blog.

And, if you can bear to think about it in July, there is the Christmas decoration extravaganza the McCartney shop lays on every December... (post HERE)

We do love a bit of fun with our fashion... no point taking everything too seriously.


  1. Wow yes, delightful indeed. And I think it speaks well to the child in every Stella McCartney girl.

  2. I think you should definitely consider getting the studded Pradas, even if they take up all of your fall budget. Statement runway shoes have always been your thing (you wear them so well!) and I would be saddened to see these pass you by. I'm living vicariously through you! hahaha

    Yup, I've seen the DIY studded Pradas at Fashion156, in fact it was the DIYer himself who commented on my post and placed the link. I find the weathered thrift store chic vibe of the shoes quite charming, actually. :)

  3. oh stella isn't half a playful one. she manages to twist disney's fantasy status into something very very trendy. in other news, your blog is great; a link i shall be following at once. x