Thursday, 30 July 2009

Moscot Geek Goggles

This is the Theroux frame by Moscot Originals, limited to 300 pairs and named after the actor Justin Theroux. They're "based on a vintage French frame from the 1960's that Justin wore for the film, Mulholland Drive" and they featured in an editorial in the latest edition of 10 Men (below). Had to buy them after spying them in the magazine, to satisfy a Hapsical obsession with unusual, geeky glasses (see also: Lanvin's elusive optical range). All that's left to do now is to have prescription lenses put in (something that always seems to cost much more than we feel it should, which in turn restricts the number of pairs of glasses we can buy - if opticians didn't conspire to rip everyone off with the price charged for lenses, we'd go glasses crazy...)

Go on, buy this edition of 10 Men.. it's a really good one!

Moscot is an old school New York optician (which actually charges very reasonable rates for lenses, but we didn't get lenses from them in case we had to return the frame, because we had to order it online without being able to try it on; wish we had got their lenses, in retrospect) that has a range of cool, retro inspired glasses and sunglasses. Would love to visit one of their NY shops sometime, but for now we've been browsing the website, trying to resist making more purchases..

See more, and shop online, at

The only stockist in London is Liberty (which we're temporarily boycotting following a terrible service incident) and they only have a small range of their sunglasses available - still, better than nothing if you want to try before you buy.


  1. i remember these well after buying this issue of 10men (one of my fav magazines). I bought my ray ban frames online to get them cheaper and i had lenses fitted at a local opticians which was about £30 cheaper, think they were about £35. so go local!

  2. hi!! i jumped into your blog via LookBook!! luv your blog<3

    and i luv MOSCOT!! have you seen Johnny depp wearing this eyeglasses?
    its amazing!! haha <3
    have a good day!