Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Definition of Style: Catherine Baba

Image from Jak & Jil.

If you've been reading Hapsical for a while, you'll probably already know about our mini obsession with the stylist Catherine Baba, so we apologise if we're sounding like a broken record. If not, here goes: we actually know fairly little about Baba, other than that she has worked for brands including Givenchy and Chanel and for magazines including Dazed & Confused and Vogue, and has the most amazing personal style. She has been called 'the most stylish woman in Paris' on more than one occasion, and it's not difficult to see why: a sort of 20s and 30s chic characterises her elegant look, along with a certain Hollywood glamour, a sophisticated femininity, and a preference for rich fabrics, fur, big sunglasses, turbans and over-size jewellery. It's not just the clothes themselves, though, because there's something about the way she wears things, the way she carries herself, and her whole attitude and being which is rare in being so stylish. This emphasis on true style, as opposed to fashion fads, with a real old school elegance to it (but at the same time never being dull or stuffy) is what we love. Baba's Myspace page says she's 73 - we find it very hard to believe she's that old - but either way it reinforces a point about her style: it is such that her age ceases even to be relevant.

Part of her appeal is also that she doesn't take herself too seriously and is basically totally fabulous, frequently dropping her catchphrase "J'adore, darling" into conversation. We first found out about her when we saw a video interview Diane Pernet (of A Shaded View) did with her, and it immediately became one of our all time favourites (see below), but the original point of this post was to share another video we just found of Catherine Baba, where she gives her definition of style, but we then thought we'd turn it into a general post about her too. Anyway, here it is:

If you never saw the original video of her with Diane Pernet (apologies again to longstanding readers because we always seem to be going on about this) it's here, and you really should watch it because it is so eccentrically wonderful, and generally fabulous:

J'adore, daaahhling, J'ADORE!

"And you really needed your fur coat, huh?" (the interview was in the South of France in spring)

"Darling, it's freeeeeeeezing, no?"

Such total love.. it's exactly how you want fashion personalities to be, but they actually both do it so well and not in a sort of snobby, uptight way.

Image from Street Peeper.

Image source: Jak & Jil for

She more on her website (under construction at the moment) and Myspace.


  1. Love her because she's not trying. She just IS. Too many people strive to be eccentric and fabulous and it ends up being SO contrived and silly.

  2. I love her

    gorgeous simply gorgeous

  3. She ia so wonderful. I love it.