Saturday, 25 July 2009

Balmain Quilted Leather Jacket & Skirt

If you've ever found yourself wondering what a Chanel 2.55 quilted bag would look like turned into an outfit (we've certainly found ourselves wondering on countless occasions...), then today's your lucky day because Balmain has provided all the answers with these two fall/winter 2009 pieces!

The quilted leather jacket, at £7,070, and the skirt, at £4,705, are almost as intriguing as they are costly: they really are Chanel 2.55 for the body. They've even got chain detailing to complete the effect. All that's missing is the metal Chanel logo, something Balmain obviously couldn't stretch to, if not only for fear of litigation. Forget enrobing your phone, wallet, keys and the like in top quality quilted leather now that you can dress yourself in it.

As much as we love the concept (in a surreal way) a lingering question remains: is it a good look? Is dressing up as an iconic designer bag something to aspire to? And how (whisper it) practical is a quilted leather skirt anyway? Of course Net-a-Porter don't sanction wearing both pieces together, and they weren't worn together on the Balmain runway, and the jacket certainly could be worn very well by itself if you don't mind that awful shoulder silhouette, but we almost feel that if you're going to go for it at all (don't quote us on this) you really should go for both together for maximum quiltification...

Buy online from Net-a-Porter.


  1. where do they come up with these exact prices? adding £5 on here and £10 on there. oh well

  2. Rihanna wore it a few days ago when she met up with Katy Perry. I must say Rihanna is rocking it!

  3. Love your leather stuff. Heads up!