Thursday, 26 February 2009

Style Snippets

1) British Vogue Monochrome Editorial

Scans from Fashionising (click to see more)

We love this editorial from the March 2009 British Vogue which is chic yet modern, edgy yet sophisticated. British Vogue keep on coming up trumps with their editorials at the moment (and those Gareth Pugh platforms...)

2) Kate Moss at the Prada Double Club at London Fashion Week

Images from Grazia and Vogue.

Doesn't she look amazing? There's so much bitching about how she parties too hard/might be pregnant/has gained weight/has had a possible breast enlargement/looks bad without make up etc. etc. but it's shots like this that remind us why she's a supermodel and why we still love her (and why we still love those AW08 YSL shoes). Last year we were outside a club when she emerged from a car like that, surrounded by bodyguards and mobbed by about 50 paparazzi, most of whom had been following her car on scooters. Honestly we'd never seen anything like it (that is until we got back inside the club and found ourselves about a foot away from her, and billionaire Sir Philip Green, aka Mr Topshop, but more about our inadvertent celeb spotting another time..)

3) Giuseppe Zanotti SS09 Advertising Campaign

We love the kitsch factor of Zanotti's spring/summer ad campaign, which reminds us of an artist we like, the little known pop artist Wayne Thiebaud, who painted food and other consumer goods (sometimes as props held by female figures) in a bright, wonderfully kitsch style:

4) Kanye West + Fashion Weeks = :(

For people who follow these things, it has been impossible to miss Kanye West's presence at almost every fashion show recently (men's, Haute Couture, London and NY women's, Milan and Paris next presumably..) Sure he wants to start a fashion brand or do something in fashion now his music career's slowing, but we feel it's wrong and unnecessary how he uses his celebrity status to barge, often unwanted it would seem, into fashion shows.

We could just about bear it if he behaved respectfully towards this world which he's effectively trying to buy his way into with his celebrity status but, judging from a growing number of online reports, he has been rude and arrogant towards a number of people who work in the fashion industry, who actually have a reason and a right to be at the shows. If these reports are true, he's only shooting himself in the foot because the impression we get at the moment is that most people in fashion are laughing at him, and are not about to embrace him as one of their own.

From Grazia Magazine:
  • "..we decided to go with the flow and ask him [Kanye] how he's enjoying LFW so far. ‘It's cool man. It's cool...' was his reply. And want to know how he tells you he's done with your questions: a raised palm to your face and the words ‘enough now'. Oh and a pout at the next person who takes his fancy. Nice."
  • "Can we offer you [Kanye West] some Fashion Week etiquette advice? One: it's rude to RSVP to a party and then not attend. So we salute the host who publicly screamed Kanye down at a show for going MIA. Two: it's really not kind to make Fashion Week publicists cry. And that's what happens when you crash a show [Christopher Kane] 30 seconds before it ends and demand a front-row seat*. And when you do the same 30 seconds before a show starts [Giles] the very next day. Three: when you're front row at a show, it's kind to actually pay attention to the clothes – not just sing along to your own track and snog your girlfriend." (*apparently he made a front-row editor get up and move!!)
From New York Magazine's The Cut Blog:
  • "Kanye West made the rounds at London Fashion Week like he's a high-powered editor. Seriously, this guy is going to everything — it's out of control."
From Fashionista:
  • "Mr. West continued his Fashion Week whirlwind today, but this time, it actually hurt. Instead of entering through the door like a normal person, he entered from backstage onto the runway. Fine, many people do this. But we're pretty sure they don't enter, avec entourage, while the lights are dimming (single file) so that everyone and their Blackberry can make a mental note, "Oh, Kanye's here, and so are all his friends." At first we thought, "Ok, maybe he just wanted to avoid having his photo taken, or maybe he was just so busy checking out the collection that he lost track of time." But then he sat there through the whole show, not with this eyes absolutely glued to the runway as one might assume is the only polite thing to do having stolen the thunder of the very designer you're there to see, but snapping his fingers to the music, and alternating between staring into space, talking with the man next to him, and looking at the clothes only when the model was finally smack in front of his face."
  • "We witnessed a small exchange between Kanye and Scott [The Sartorialist] outside of Band of Outsiders earlier today. Kanye strutting up to Scott, Scott not caring, then Kanye tapping Scott on the stomach like old friends. Still, no shot..."

Two related things:

Some great comments on this Fashionista post - the issue of Kanye in fashion sure gets people going..

From NY Magazine: Vivienne Westwood Doesn't Know Who Kanye West Is - God bless you, Vivienne!

Enough of the celebrity drama. Back to fashion:

5) Shoe Moment: Chrissie Morris

They may not be Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte, but we rather love British shoe designer Chrissie Morris' shoes. She isn't that well known at the moment, but we think she's a name to look out for, now and in the future. See more on her website.

6) Obsession: Raf Simons Beach Towels

Because they're beach towels! ... by Raf Simons! ... one with a very meaningful message on! Why do we always fall for stuff like this? We do like the idea of black beach towels, though.. much more 'fashion' than the usual bright ones (though perhaps a little depressing for holidays? We think it's all about laying these out by some obscure Soviet-era concrete swimming pool you're visiting, semi-ironically, of course, in the lastest hip Eastern European destination.. so much more culturally advanced and cool than bright orange print on the beach of a Caribbean resort!)

Available online (€125) from Colette, and various other Raf Simons stockists.

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