Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Image of the Day: Olle Hemmendorff x Nike + Hapsical New Year

Over the summer (before Hapsical existed!) Nike asked eight artists to interpret the 'Air Max 90', and our favourite has got to be Olle Hemmendorff's burger-sneaker. Quite ironic, given the healthy, active lifestlye Nike pushes, and surely a comment on American consumerism too?

See more cool stuff on his website, including the 'fashionable protest' series:

(click PUB on his site to see more of this).

And guess what nationality he is? Swedish. No wonder we're obsessed!

BTW - Happy New Year everyone (well, tomorrow!). We're going to the last Ponystep party in London tonight (Gareth Pugh's DJ-ing, so expect full reports on that tomorrow!) which should be fun. The ticket is this very cool white plastic diamond (cos the theme's white wedding), which would cost about £30 to buy at Tatty Devine!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Fashion Photographer: Phil Poynter

Here at Hapsical we certainly appreciate good fashion photograhpy when we see it, but we don't really follow it as such (we'd be hard pressed to name many photographers, and we're not exactly experts). That said, we're gonna post about Phil Poynter (who has shot ad campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Prada Sport, and Lacoste), because we like his diverse style which ranges from the amusingly kitsch to serious black-and-white shots of high fashion.

See more here.

Lego Loving

We make no secret of our Lego obsession here at Hapsical and when we're not wearing it, we love Lego art. Installation artist Jan Vormann created these amusing Lego installations in Italy and Israel, which we think are a major "j'adore" moment..

Monday, 29 December 2008

Retail Joy: Soup&Fish

Above: Walter van Beirendonck bag, Ute Ploier shoes.

A bit like with the other super-cool store we reported on, Bettina in Athens, don't be put off by the name (which does have a high 'WTF' factor), because Austrian based Soup&Fish is about as 'concept' (in a good way) as online retail gets: they sell a well-edited selection of brands like Walter van Beirendonck, Viktor & Rolf, Haider Ackermann, Bernard Willhelm, Martin Margiela, and Ute Ploier.

This sort of intelligent, 'avante-garde' fashion presented on a blissfully simple website couldn't be a further cry from the retail hell and vulgarity (oh, how we've always wanted to use that word) of the London sales, but it's infinitely preferable - even if a lot of the stuff is somewhat 'challenging' to wear. Here are some of Hapsical's top concept picks:

Above: Viktor & Rolf jacket, Pelican Avenue trousers.
Below: Martin Margiela 'trompe d'oeil' vest, Saskia Wendland skirt

Above: Haider Ackermann sleeveless jacket, Bernard Willhelm 'Mickey Mouse' jacket


When we were in Paris, we were impressed by Manoush, a young-ish, Moroccan-inspired French brand, which we didn't know much about (although they have lots of stores in Paris and in France they don't have as many international stockists). Their designs are fun and pretty (though always veering towards the safer side of things, sometimes too much so, making it feel a bit mid-market dull on occasions), and though the 'ethnic' element is included you're always backed up by the whole French good-taste and chic thing that pervades the collection. They definitely get bonus points too for the winter wonderland lookbook too.


Sorry for no posts yesterday.. we've been having a bit of a post-Christmas slump here. It's freezing cold and very miserable in London, and while most people Hapsical knows were busy jetting off to Mauritius or St Bart's, we made the fatal mistake of braving Oxford Street and the sales which was a soul-destroying, vitality-sapping experience of dreadfulness.

The wind was freezing, the crowds were diabolical (worst we've ever seen, even though the rest of London feels pretty deserted), everything felt very depressing and credit-crunched, and there was nothing decent to buy anywhere. The battles over Louis Vuitton and Gucci crap were still running strong in the Selfridges accessories hall (despite the sale having opened 3 days ago there were still heaving queues of people waiting to get into these brand concessions), while the rest of the store resembled a downmarket jumble sale.

Curiously, even though there were crowds everywhere, hardly anyone seemed to be buying anything, judging by the distinct lack of shopping bags people were carrying: it seems that because shopping and consuming is such a huge British hobby these days people swoop on the shops right after Christmas by default, almost without thinking, even if their over-stretched credit cards can't support any more purchases. Enough of all this awfulness.

This Facehunter pic from Copenhagen cheered us up a bit. We're not gonna reel off our spiel about our obsessive love of Scandanavia again (though we're sure they don't mindlessly descend en masse on shops selling priced-reduced consumerist tat during their holidays..), but they really do know how to dress and what's interesting (and what this pic shows) is that men take fashion just as seriously as women. They do have the unfair advantage of being tall and looking like models, but they also seem to have an innate ability to be stylish and cool.

Just for the record, we think this is men's fashion perfection (well, mabye not quite, but pretty damn close anyway).

Saturday, 27 December 2008

New Season Stars

It's that time of year again: while half the world is still going sales mad (seriously check this video of the Selfridges sale opening - madness!), others are lusting after the new season collections which are slowly starting to arrive in the shops. Luisa via Roma is normally the first retailer to have a good selection of new collections online - and wow, oh wow, some of the pieces (and the prices! some of the Balmain pieces run to tens of thousands..)

Available for pre-order they've got those YSL cage boots (€1,100), and some red hot runway stuff by Givenchy and Balmain. Image above, clockwise from bottom left: Givenchy leather leggings, Givenchy strappy vest, Givenchy sliver heels and black and gold peep-toe boots, Givenchy crystal leather jacket, Balmain studded skirt, Yves Saint Laurent cage boots, Balmain fringed sandals (yes, the infamous fringed boot of this season has become a sandal!), and Balmain studded sandals., to go and cry at the prices.

Start saving now!

Ceci n'est pas un blog

We love Longchamp's 'Ceci est un It bag' tote, with its wry take on Magritte's 'ceci n'est pas une pipe,' humorously updated for the 21st century world of mass consumption and heinously overpriced real 'It' bags.

No word yet on when/how/if it'll be available, so your best bet is probably to contact Longchamp (possibly easiest by going to one of their stores?).

Non-Scandinavian designer of the moment: Mary Katrantzou

We really love recent St Martin's graduate Mary Katrantzou's designs, which are stylish, original, fun, and very aesthetically fresh and pure. It's interesting how she manages to make such bold colours look very serene and almost understated, and how well odd-sounding combinations like acid green, acid yellow, and sky blue work together.

See more on her website.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris Apartment

One of Hapsical’s few extravagances is going first class on the Eurostar, and one of the benefits (along with free champagne and a feeling of great smugness) is the free magazines, which means not only can you make off with fashion magazine for free (Numéro! French Vogue!) but you can also see magazines that you’d never normally get, like Architectural Digest. In French.

In the current issue, there’s an interesting feature on the late Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris apartment, the contents of which are about to be sold off by Christie’s. It’s a truly incredible apartment (complete with everything from a music room to a Buddha room, all immaculately decorated), but what really, really takes our breath away is the museum-quality collection of 20th century art on the walls, including pieces by de Chirico (our favourite surrealist), Fernand Léger (one of our top artists ever), Picasso, and Matisse, to name just a few. The Légers rival those in the Pompidou Centre’s permanent collection, whilst the Matisse interior (top photo, bottom right picture) could be yours for an estimated €15-20 million...

Every aspect of Yves Saint Laurent’s life seems to have been extraordinary, not least his homes (we already knew about his mind-blowing Marrakech residence, with the beautiful Majorelle gardens attached, which we a year ago when we visited were there because they’re open to the public). To live surrounded by art like that, of the quality of that which YSL had, would probably be our ultimate dream/fantasy.