Friday, 26 December 2008

Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris Apartment

One of Hapsical’s few extravagances is going first class on the Eurostar, and one of the benefits (along with free champagne and a feeling of great smugness) is the free magazines, which means not only can you make off with fashion magazine for free (Numéro! French Vogue!) but you can also see magazines that you’d never normally get, like Architectural Digest. In French.

In the current issue, there’s an interesting feature on the late Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris apartment, the contents of which are about to be sold off by Christie’s. It’s a truly incredible apartment (complete with everything from a music room to a Buddha room, all immaculately decorated), but what really, really takes our breath away is the museum-quality collection of 20th century art on the walls, including pieces by de Chirico (our favourite surrealist), Fernand Léger (one of our top artists ever), Picasso, and Matisse, to name just a few. The Légers rival those in the Pompidou Centre’s permanent collection, whilst the Matisse interior (top photo, bottom right picture) could be yours for an estimated €15-20 million...

Every aspect of Yves Saint Laurent’s life seems to have been extraordinary, not least his homes (we already knew about his mind-blowing Marrakech residence, with the beautiful Majorelle gardens attached, which we a year ago when we visited were there because they’re open to the public). To live surrounded by art like that, of the quality of that which YSL had, would probably be our ultimate dream/fantasy.


  1. YSL was said to be a junkie for objects of beauty that sometimes when he lacked inspiration for a collection he'd go to his favourite antique stores for a 'fix' and beg them to show him something of extravagant beauté.He would then buy it like it was his 'shoot'.
    THE auction in Feruary at Christies has been estimated at half a Billion dollars!Half of the proceeds will be going to Piere Bergé's Aids Foundation.
    There will never be another YSL.

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