Monday, 29 December 2008


Sorry for no posts yesterday.. we've been having a bit of a post-Christmas slump here. It's freezing cold and very miserable in London, and while most people Hapsical knows were busy jetting off to Mauritius or St Bart's, we made the fatal mistake of braving Oxford Street and the sales which was a soul-destroying, vitality-sapping experience of dreadfulness.

The wind was freezing, the crowds were diabolical (worst we've ever seen, even though the rest of London feels pretty deserted), everything felt very depressing and credit-crunched, and there was nothing decent to buy anywhere. The battles over Louis Vuitton and Gucci crap were still running strong in the Selfridges accessories hall (despite the sale having opened 3 days ago there were still heaving queues of people waiting to get into these brand concessions), while the rest of the store resembled a downmarket jumble sale.

Curiously, even though there were crowds everywhere, hardly anyone seemed to be buying anything, judging by the distinct lack of shopping bags people were carrying: it seems that because shopping and consuming is such a huge British hobby these days people swoop on the shops right after Christmas by default, almost without thinking, even if their over-stretched credit cards can't support any more purchases. Enough of all this awfulness.

This Facehunter pic from Copenhagen cheered us up a bit. We're not gonna reel off our spiel about our obsessive love of Scandanavia again (though we're sure they don't mindlessly descend en masse on shops selling priced-reduced consumerist tat during their holidays..), but they really do know how to dress and what's interesting (and what this pic shows) is that men take fashion just as seriously as women. They do have the unfair advantage of being tall and looking like models, but they also seem to have an innate ability to be stylish and cool.

Just for the record, we think this is men's fashion perfection (well, mabye not quite, but pretty damn close anyway).

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  1. (so how does my machine thinks about making a new refresh right after I've started writing, beats my logical sense!) - that, btw, was to explain that I started writing a comment and pam! it all went away because my adored laptop thought it would be nice to make a new refresh without my asking! let me work on that ctrl C manoeuvrings while I finish another phrase!

    mkey, now let's start all over!:

    we, over at Stylefrizz, we got a busy-busy Christmas with the kids and the family! So busy, in fact, that mum and dad never got to buy their respective Christmas presents so we went for a quick pick up the day after Christmas... I got myself a gorgeous pair of dark brown motorcycle boots (courtesy of daddy Santa, of course!) and, guess what? mummy Santa found absolutely nothing! I searched and ran up and down the (not-so-empty) halls of giant stores and nothing! nada. So depressing! An almost pointless after-Christmas moment!

    Yeah, I know, I got carried away, but who could have found more understanding a post-Christmas depression if not someone who wrote this piece? :*