Saturday, 27 December 2008

New Season Stars

It's that time of year again: while half the world is still going sales mad (seriously check this video of the Selfridges sale opening - madness!), others are lusting after the new season collections which are slowly starting to arrive in the shops. Luisa via Roma is normally the first retailer to have a good selection of new collections online - and wow, oh wow, some of the pieces (and the prices! some of the Balmain pieces run to tens of thousands..)

Available for pre-order they've got those YSL cage boots (€1,100), and some red hot runway stuff by Givenchy and Balmain. Image above, clockwise from bottom left: Givenchy leather leggings, Givenchy strappy vest, Givenchy sliver heels and black and gold peep-toe boots, Givenchy crystal leather jacket, Balmain studded skirt, Yves Saint Laurent cage boots, Balmain fringed sandals (yes, the infamous fringed boot of this season has become a sandal!), and Balmain studded sandals., to go and cry at the prices.

Start saving now!


  1. Nice collage Haps.
    Everything in it looks To Die For!
    But 1100euros for those cage YSL blister giving boots does seem painful even on sale.
    The Givenchy strappy vest looks devilishly tempting!