Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fashion Song of the Moment...

Now that Justice have become mainstream-ish (Dior Homme even used Justice for the soundtrack at their last show, which would have been a great honour if it was still DH by Heidi Slimane, but under Kris van Asche's tacky reign at the house of Dior it was quite the opposite) we're always on the lookout for new (non-Ed Banger Records) pretentious French 'indie' artists.

This is where The Shoppings step in: they may not be the best, but from a fashion point of view you've got to love their song, Salut à toi, because it manages to name-drop almost every big fashion designer and editor. We think it's a parody of another French song, but the important question is whether it's actually possible to hate a song which (as over-simple as the lyrics are) manages to slip into the lyrics everyone from Martin Margiela to Carine Roitfeld to Kim Jones to Kate Moss to Raf Simons to (even) the Hôtel Costes in Paris (which standardly rhymes with René Lacoste), which is/was like *the* fashion hotel.

Song here
The Shoppings Myspace here

Salut à toi John Galliano
Salut à toi Rabanne Paco
Salut à toi Louis Vuitton
Salut à toi Raf Simons
Salut à toi Pierre Cardin
Salut à toi Calvin Klein
Salut à toi Yves Saint Laurent
Salut à toi Jean-Paul Gautier

Even Anna Piaggi (below) gets a mention..

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  1. Now that's a song for the kiss blogosphere! The Shoppings for all those who kiss-around hoping for fashion-related advantages from their blogging! Il faut oublier personne, indeed! You never know who's listening! (maybe they'll give away one of those horrendous House of Holland bags :)) )