Sunday, 18 August 2013


Oliver Peoples Altman sunglasses | Rick Owens SS09 gradient leather jacket | Nike T-shirt | Adidas shorts | Maison Martin Margiela bag | Opening Ceremony desert boots

I'm only really buying sportswear at the moment. It isn't even about the Tumblr/subculture thing any more. I just cannot find black clothes with the right fit and the right details anywhere else (except for old-season designer stuff from approx. 1998 - 2008 second hand on eBay + Yahoo Japan, but that's EFFORT). I actually don't have a clue what 90% of menswear designers think they are doing these days, and that includes most of the old favourites. And if I see another black shirt ruined by WHITE FUCKING BUTTONS I will have an episode.

Recently I bought these for the gym, but now I want to wear them everywhere:

Sunday, 23 June 2013


It would be nice if I could draw, but ya know..

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Something possessed me, and I bought the Celine fur Birkenstock-style sandals, or FURKENSTOCKS. They're not exactly beautiful, and they could hardly be less practical, and yet... 

Actually, there's no deep explanation. I'm a victim of the zeitgeist, and had been itching to get my hands on some of Phoebe Philo's Celine, without doing a Kanye and wearing a blouse or doing a blogger and mincing around with a handbag. Furthermore, I've always loved a fashion gimmick (things like the £2,000 Chanel bag fashioned after a Chinese takeaway box) but normally they're confined to items of womenswear which, unlike the FURKENSTOCKS, can't be passed off as menswear even remotely. It's postmodernism and shit. 

They're a bit mesmerising. I think it's all the tension in the design: the odd contrast between the clumpy sandal and the fur. Feet on fur has got to be a fetish. I took some pictures wearing them barefoot but they looked like they belonged on a "specialist" website.

Shaun Samson kitty T-shirt - best gift EVER from Lucy, Grace & Sian.

Love my awful Nike tourist bag. Great for stashing meds on the go!

And speaking of Nike, the AirMax 2013's which I customised with NikeID (all in black, naturally) arrived at last:

Wearing with Rick Owens DRKSHDW cropped parka:

I'm getting more and more into slightly cyborg-y sportswear design. Really want a Nike FuelBand - for the 90s-futuristic aesthetic, not for health purposes, OBVS.

This RO jacket is one of my most worn items. I think it's FW10 season?


dark vibez:

This sums up what I think about fashion at the moment:

Edit: also love the fur-on-top ones which Jayne (STOPITRIGHTNOW) got 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hello! I'm back. And I've been shopping, so I have things to share.

Above: Undercover by Jun Takahashi T-shirt, Adidas sweatpants, Prada shoes.

Below: Raf Simons spring/summer 2006 bomber jacket. It's like the less extreme version of my SS03 parachute bomber.

Bottega Veneta, bitch!!!

Below: Undercover by Jun Takahashi T-shirt, Zara sweatpants, Nike Wardour Max 1 desert boots

New Bad Habit #1 -- wearing skinny sweatpants out of the house

New Bad Habit #2 -- wearing puffer vests. This one is Woolrich.

New Bad Habit #3 -- buying expensive and tacky Italian bags in sample sales. This one is Gucci:

Starck x Mikli PL0741 in black.

I tried to smile once but it hurt.

PS. I'm trying to update my Tumblr blog more frequently with angry rants